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My Favourite Sport Essay Japan [REPACK]

Introduce YourselfYour age, weight and heightDate of birth, place of birth, nationalityWhat you look likeYour hobbiesYour favourite things (i.e. colour, food, sport)What you like to do at the weekend.What you want to be when you grow up.Your religion

My Favourite Sport Essay Japan

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Nowadays, teenagers play online games in their leisure time.This is also one of my entertainments.My favourite game is gran turismo sport because it is really realistic and contains a large variety of car. .It is a racing game. I play this game once a week.Playing online games can help gain lots of friends.But all the things have both pros and cons,it may also cause addiction and harm your sight due to the blu-ray is emitted from the electronic devices.If we can control the gametime , all the side effects will be gone.

My favourite game is Transport Fever. The game is about building up a transport tycoon. You can take people to shop, work and, of course, back home. You can also deliver cargo items such as fuel, goods, food, machines, tools, etc. I like this game because it always keeps you busy. There are four different kinds of transport: road, rail, sea, and air. All modes are interesting and challenging.


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