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[S1E7] The Doll's House

While searching for Lyta, Rose heard The Fates calling out to her. They cautioned her to beware of dreams, houses, and The Corinthian. They also could've told her about Jed and Morpheus, but she failed to ask the correct questions.

[S1E7] The Doll's House

Most of the campus recovers from the virus after enough time passes. Meanwhile, Adelle makes a deal with Samuel. She tells him she is aware of his mother's financial difficulties: in fact, her house is due to be re-possessed by the bank. However, if Samuel accepts the deal to work as an Active for five years, during that time, his mother will receive a monthly stipend that will cover all her financial needs. After five years, Adelle promises that Samuel will be released from his contract and will have enough money to be able to support his mother himself.

As all this is going on, Mellie is disappointed to learn that Paul still intends to investigate the Dollhouse, even though that brought an attempted assassination on her. She breaks up with him, and decides to leave for a time in order to clear her head. Paul doesn't know that she is actually returning to the Dollhouse as November.

In working my way through a second viewing of the series Dollhouse, I believe I have now reached the point at which Mr. Lousy and I can finally now watch episodes in tandem. This might be just the right spot for our summit.

The episode was written by Sarah Fain and Elizabeth Craft, who were also showrunners for Dollhouse. The pair had previously worked as a team on Angel, and before that The Shield, which I watched very occasionally and wished it had been regularly.

That night, Anais makes Gumball and Darwin go to Tina's house and get her toy back (with some cute eye persuasion). At the dump, which is where Tina lives, they find Daisy under Tina's arm. Anais tosses a pole that Gumball fails to catch and hits Darwin right in the face. They mess around with the sleeping Tina and get the doll back, but soon get chased by Tina after they get the doll back. Tina chases them into an abandoned car and smashes the roof just as the trio escape, continuing the chase from Tina. Anais is holding Daisy and trips. Gumball told Anais to throw Daisy to him. Gumball then said that since he can not catch it, it will fly somewhere else. Gumball ends up catching Daisy and gets cornered by Tina.

Back at the Owl House, Eda and King are struggling to care for the baby bat, which has been crying nonstop. However, they force themselves to put up with it for the money they will get from the Bat Queen. King cannot take anymore of the baby's crying, and begs Eda to do something. She reluctantly takes the child, and cradles it to sleep in her arms. Luz returns home and sees Eda being motherly when suddenly, the baby multiplies into three baby bats who start to wreak havoc around the house. Not wanting to be involved in the mayhem, Luz heads out again. In order to get them under control, Eda prepares some apple slices, and reads them a bedtime story.

Writer Janet Mullany is from England, drinks a lot of tea, and likes Jane Austen, reading, and gasping in shock at costumes in historical TV dramas. Her household near Washington DC includes two badly-behaved cats about whom she frequently boasts on Facebook.

The Guests get the song to lure the mermaids, and put the record player in the pool house, starting it. As they run into the pool, Joey Graceffa and Lele Pons dive into the pool to get the three bodies, and then pull up a chest. They open the chest, and shortly after, Matt Haag says that he doesn't want to help because of the exorcism, angering the Guests.Inside the safe is a rock tablet that says two guest must be chosen to do a challenge on the third floor in the doll room, which will haunt them forever. The two guest chosen are Matt and Tim, they go into the room and there is a doll house on each side of the room, and tons of dolls around the room.

They have to take a drink to know more, they each take a sip, and a note comes under the door. It says they've been poisoned and they will get three nursery rhymes they have to copy with the doll that fits the description, and they do it in their dollhouse. If they get it wrong, they will get more poison, if they get it right, they will get the antidote. They both get done, and a vial of liquid comes out of each of their drawers and Matt says he is 100 percent sure he's won, and he takes a sip of the vial he receives; the vial turns out to be poison, which ends Matt's life.

Summer explains to Ma-Sha that a male Gazorpian was born on her planet, causing Ma-Sha to question her on the state of gender equality on Earth. This prompting an argument between Rick and Summer about gender roles on Earth, culminating in Rick popping a massive, resounding fart in protest, to the disgust of the female Gazorpians. Upon hearing Summer refer to Rick as "grandfather" and realizing that Summer is the product of male/female reproduction, Ma-Sha orders their arrest. At the same time, Morty Jr. has grown into adolescence, picked up smoking and demands to be allowed to his warlike tendencies after watching documentaries on the History channel. Following an argument with Morty, Morty Jr. runs out of the house; discovering that the air is not poisonous to him, he runs away.

Following the credits, Morty Jr. is seen on a television show (watched by everyone in the Smith household) with a talk show host, having matured into a middle-aged man and now the best-selling author of a book titled "My Horrible Father" about his childhood experience. As Morty cringes, the family are stunned to watch and Beth assures her son that parenting is a thankless task and in the end he did the best he could. Downcast, Morty hopes that Jr. is eating enough. 041b061a72


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