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Soul War Instant Kill Hollows ((FREE))

While they are trained to confront Hollows in order to defeat them just as Shinigami do, the biggest difference between the Quincy and Shinigami, since ancient times, is whether or not to kill Hollows. The Shinigami purify Hollows with their Zanpakutō and send them to Soul Society, while the Quincy killed the Hollows. The idea can be seen as comparing justice and vengeance: "Hollows devour souls of Humans, so why must it be that those who harm and kill friends and relatives get sent peacefully to Soul Society?"[48]

Soul War Instant Kill Hollows

If you have watched Bleach anime, then you already know the role of Soul Reapers. Soul Reapers are the balancers of the world. They eliminate hollows and save souls, sending them to Soul Society. They use Shikais and Kido in order to destroy hollows in a quick and efficient way.

The difference between spiritual energy and spiritual pressure is simple: Reiryoku is the amount of energy a being has stored within their body or soul, whereas Reiatsu is the pressure that a person's Reiryoku exerts. In other words, Reiryoku is potential while Reiatsu is energy in use and can be sensed by other spiritually aware beings. In general, those with high levels of Reiryoku will often have the highest levels of Reiatsu also. A skilled warrior can overcome a person possessing greater Reiryoku by possessing greater Reiatsu - this is achieved by having greater control over their own spiritual energy.

In the fictional Bleach manga/anime universe, a Hollow (.mw-parser-output .templateruby>rtfont-feature-settings:"ruby"1; .templateruby.large>rtfont-size:50%虚ホロウ, horō) is a kind of monstrous lost soul who can harm both ghosts and humans. Many of the series' antagonists are hollows. There are also hollows with Soul Reaper (a death-related entity)-like characteristics called .mw-parser-output .vanchor>:target.vanchor-textbackground-color:#b1d2ffarrancars (破面アランカル, arankaru, from Spanish arrancar "to tear off," kanji translates as "broken mask"). One of the series' main storylines has Sōsuke Aizen (the primary antagonist for the majority of the series) and his arrancar (particularly the ten Espadas, the strongest ones) as the force opposing the protagonists.

In the Bleach universe, a hollow is a monstrous soul-eating spirit that results when a deceased soul is consumed by negative emotions or is forcibly converted by other hollows. All hollows have masks attached to their faces and a hollow hole somewhere on their bodies; they also have a tendency to attack those who were close to them in their human lives, which they superficially have no recollection of. Hollows possess individual reishi and intensify it through devouring any soul they come across. The 2018 film elaborates that the hollows had played a role in the concepts of the mythological creatures like Yokai.

Soul Reapers, including protagonist Ichigo Kurosaki, have two primary duties: Purify any hollows they encounter to protect other souls from being devoured, and perform the soul burial (魂葬こんそう, konsō) ritual to lay ghosts to rest before they become hollows. When either of these duties is fulfilled, the soul goes to the Soul Society to live as an ordinary human until eventually reincarnated back to earth.[6][7] But a hollow who committed grave sins in life is dragged into Hell for punishment.[8] Hollow intrusions into Ichigo's hometown are the driving plot force for Bleach's first arc, at the end of which Ichigo leaves earth for Soul Society in order to rescue one of his friends.

Coyote Stark (コヨーテスターク, Koyōte Sutāku, romanized as Coyote Starrk in the Japanese media) is the Primera Espada, signified by the "1" tattooed on the back of his left hand. The aspect of death he represents is solitude. His sole Fracción is Lilinette Gingerbuck (リリネットジンジャーバック, Ririnetto Jinjābakku, romanized as Lilynette Gingerbuck in the Japanese media), who is actually a part of him. Naturally created Arrancars, Stark and Lilynette were created from a single hollow that split its soul into two out of loneliness caused by its vast spiritual pressure being too deadly for weaker hollows and lesser beings to be around. Though Starrk does not remember their original hollow form, the fact he had a counterpart for company was comforting.[17] The two encountered Aizen sometime after coming into being and allied with him as they saw him to be someone who can stay with them without dying.[18] Lilynette typically shows the concern that Starrk does not, giving him incentive.[19] Their personalities are foils of a sort: Starrk appears to be lazy and uninterested in fighting, often not fighting at his full power, and Lilinette is apparently aggressive and vicious.

Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (ネリエルトゥオーデルシュヴァンク, Nerieru Tu Ōderushuvanku), commonly known as Nel Tu (ネルトゥ, Neru Tu) or "Nel" for short,[23] is a good-natured, childlike arrancar when first introduced and has a habit of saying the opposite of what she actually meant. The remains of her hollow mask make up a cartoonish skull on the top of her head. She is really the former 3rd Espada, resembling a full-grown woman with a ram-horned version of her hollow mask and bearing a large "3" tattooed on her back.[24] Compared to the other Espadas, having empathy for the least fortunate hollows that remain as feral monsters, Nelliel has a sense of honor and respect for her opponents who she sees as warriors and only kills with good reason. This ideology results with her being attacked by Nnoitra Gilga from behind as part of the Espada's revenge scheme with the help of Szayelaporro's device, managing to crack her mask and tossing her unconscious body out of Las Noches before enough of her spirit energy leaked out to shrink her into current form. But as the resulting amnesia freed her of the sorrow that plagued her, Nel was able to live a carefree life with her two Fracciones bent on protecting her from the dangers of Hueco Mundo while making sure she does not remember.

As an albino hollow ostracized by other dark-colored hollows, Ulquiorra is revealed in side stories to have come into being as a Vasto Lorde ages ago before the balance of life and death was established where hollows manifested from the chaotic influx rather than from human souls.[27] As an Espada member who represents the aspect of death of Emptiness, Ulquiorra is emotionless with an inability to comprehend the meaning of "heart" and supports his firm belief that what his eye cannot see does not exist. Bent on completing tasks set to him by Sōsuke Aizen, Ulquiorra has no qualms about attacking his own allies if they impede his intent and deems anyone he finds not to be of particular interest to be "trash," and therefore expendable.[28] The remainder of Ulquiorra's hollow mask, partially destroyed before his conversion, forms a broken helmet with a curved horn and covers the left half of his head. His hollow hole has moved since his first appearance; when first introduced it is at the base of his neck,[29] but in later appearances, it is centered just below his collarbone.[30]

Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez notes that Ulquiorra tends to stab opponents in the same location as his hollow hole whenever he is particularly interested in a battle, though it is unclear if Ulquiorra is conscious of this habit.[31] Ulquiorra is very analytical: he almost accurately theorizes the means behind Orihime Inoue's abilities, and recognizes that Ichigo Kurosaki's power constantly fluctuates between very weak to greater than his own strength.[32] He also refrains from killing a person unless necessary, twice sparing Ichigo and proclaiming he would not harm Orihime because he had not been ordered to. He can replay events he has seen to others by removing and crushing his left eye, which turns into dust and flows around those to whom Ulquiorra is relaying information.[33] While other hollows traded defensive abilities for raw strength upon becoming arrancars, Ulquiorra maintained his high-speed regeneration abilities with only his brain and internal organs unregenerable.[34]

Szayelaporro Grantz (ザエルアポログランツ, Zaeru Aporo Gurantsu, romanized as Szayel Apollo Granz in the Japanese media) is the Octava Espada, the remains of his hollow mask take the form of rectangular-framed glasses with his hollow hole is located in his groin. The aspect of death he represents is madness, being an arrogant and quite sadistic scientist who views others as research material. He has a variety of methods for analyzing an opponent's abilities, using the data to render himself virtually immune to their attacks. In addition, Szayelaporro has a large number of Fracciones which were originally hollows whom he experimented on and personally modified so that he can heal his wounds by eating them. The light novel side story The Spirits are Forever With You reveals Szayelaporro was originally an alchemist in life before he and his older brother Ilfort Grantz were devoured by a Menos that manifested from the souls of those the brothers had killed. Szayelaporro retained his sense of self and became the Hollow's core as he eventually evolved in a Vasto Lorde serving under Baraggan. He offered himself to Aizen to become the first Zero Espada before deciding to purge Ilfort from his body to perfect himself, gradually rebuilding his strength after losing much of his power in the process. This forced him to aid Nnoitora in his scheme of eliminating Nelliel to regain his membership.

His Zanpakutō is called Fornicarás (邪淫妃フォルニカラス, Forunikarasu, Spanish for "You will fornicate," kanji translates as "Lewd Princess"); La Lujuriosa in the English dub (Spanish for "The Lustful"), and in his released state he grows two pairs of long tentacles on his back; twelve teardrop-shaped sacs dangle from each tentacle like fruits.[50] He can shoot a shower of purple liquids from his body and with each droplet that comes into contact with an opponent a doppelganger of that enemy is created; each clone has the same abilities as the original, but they are extremely weak and can be instantly defeated by the real one, however each clone splits into more clones upon destruction, and will disappear when Szayelaporro is killed or when Szayelaporro willingly cancels the ability. By using his tentacles to drain nutrients from his opponents, Szayelaporro can create voodoo dolls of them. Each doll can open up to reveal toys which represent internal organs, the destruction of which would do major debilitating damage to the victim from the inside. The ability he prides the most, Gabriel (受胎告知ガブリエール, Gaburiēru, kanji translates as "the Annunciation"), allows him to be reborn if he is injured beyond repair by impregnating an enemy and absorbing their spirit particles, turning them into his own and killing the victim in the process while his previous body, if devoured, breaks down into cells that fuse into the eater's nervous system, allowing him to gain complete control. 041b061a72


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