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Pokoer Odds Calculator For Mac

With just one card to come to complete your draws, your equity versus pocket aces or pocket kings has dropped to only under 30% of the pot, which might make it difficult to continue if your opponent bets and the resulting pot odds aren't favourable.

Pokoer Odds Calculator For Mac


Yes. You can use a free poker equity calculator for a quick analysis of a hand, or you can try a paid one to get more insights on your play. This list of poker equity calculators gives you all the top free and paid options available to you right now.

Automatically attaches to the game table and reads your cards. Absolutely no input required during your online play, allowing you to fully concentrate on the game. Online poker real-time odds & player stats display.

Since 2005, we developed Holdem Indicator, Tournament Indicator, Omaha Indicator, iOmaha Indicator and Stud Indicator, which are the best online poker calculator software for windows operating systems. iHoldem Indicator is our first product for Mac OS. We'll continue to work hard to improve our products and provide you with the best customer service.

Long ago, new poker players had to go through a tough learning process when calculating poker odds. If your opponent had more experience, the chances of losing were quite high. However, with the poker odds calculator, players can really improve their game in different ways such as getting helpful information about their opponents, accessing real time statistics related to the game, and getting proper analysis of the game.

Players will be eager to know how much it would cost them to own a poker odds calculator. Well, different calculators go for different prices depending on their quality and functionality in addition to whether the provider is promoting the calculators or not.

The poker odds calculator range from free to a few dollars, and they come with different terms too. For free ones such as the carbon odds poker calculator, you only need to download it and you are good to go.

Others come with a free trial version limited to a specified number of days such as 7 days. In such a case, you can use it within the specified time and if you find it helpful, you can buy it. However, you can still buy the calculator and use it directly without using the trial version.

In certain cases, the cost of the calculator can be different from the cost plus the license with the latter being higher. Either way, buying this tool makes even the casual players to recoup the cost pretty fast through extra winnings. In other words, the amount of winnings the calculator helps you to achieve is far much higher than the initial cost of the calculator.

A poker odds calculator for Mac is one that works well on a Mac OS. To use the odds calculators on your Mac, ensure you upgrade the system to 10.6.x or even 10.7.x. at times, those using Macintosh may find it hard to view the poker odds calculator because the Macromedia Flash application may not be upgraded or installed. After upgrading, you can view the odds calculator directly on the Internet or you can opt for the download option, the choice is yours.

You can find many different odds calculators online. If you are a Mac user, you can go for any of the following Mac poker software programs. Most of these calculators come with a demo version giving you the opportunity to learn how they work before purchasing.

Hands down the best Mac poker calculator available today. iHoldem Indicator was programmed in such a way that it automatically attaches itself to your online poker table and reads your hands into its system, digesting all relevant information for the game along with it. Unlike most other software, iHoldemIndicator also displays your EV (expected value) and Sklansky group ratings for your starting hands.

Poker Ghost is a poker hand calculator with a very unique feature: it can be controlled by voice commands! While playing a game, simply speak the cards you are holding and the speech recognition aspect of the software will automatically enter your cards and make the proper calculations. While this is a very impressive feature, it is often easier to enter the cards by hand, and its elegant interface is hindered by the fact that it can not be resized. In any case, it is worth taking a free trial.

Texas Calculatem Pro has set the bar high with its proprietary software, that is unmatched by other poker software programs. What it does is calculate poker odds while you are playing. Calculatem Pro is not against any TOS and is actually embraced by most online poker rooms as a helpful tool for playing online poker.

Pokerbility is a one of a kind poker odds calculator that people use to gain the edge that just isnt attainable without the use of the software. At the time of this writing, Pokerbility is offering their software to poker players for free, given that they sign up a new real money online poker account using a Pokerbility link.

The Equity Calculator is a powerful tool built into PokerTracker 4, it can be accessed as a stand along calculator, or the hands can be automatically populated through the Hand History Replayer. This calculator allows you to visualize the equity of hands and ranges against other hands and ranges. Not only does this calculator work for Holdem, it also works for Omaha Hi and Omaha Hi-Lo games as well. This tutorial is going to teach you how to use and get the most from this feature.

Poker is a game of a lot of things but it is also (some will say first) a game of math. If you really want to progress on your game, you are going to have to learn the maths and the advanced statistics associated with various situations. We have some good news for you though! First, the maths are relatively easy to grasp and soon, with practice, you will be able to understand and calculate the pot odds, the implied odds and your equity in the pot. Life is good! The other good news, is that there are a lot of poker odds calculator online you can use on your computer. Today, though, we are going to focus on the poker calculators you can find in the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. The ones you can use to train your brain on the go on your way to the casino.

If you go to both app stores and look for poker calculators, you will be faced with tons of free or paid apps for calculating odds. From the most basic free tool to the more advanced poker odds calculator. We downloaded all the free ones we could find, so you don't have too, both on iOS and Android. You can thank us later. Only 5 of them made it to our selection. For Android, only 4 of them made it to the list. A lot of the apps which were not selected were just too ugly, too clumsy, too slow or with too many adverts in the way of a great user experience.

To make our life simple, a lot of the apps have exactly the same name so we will provide you with the direct link for each of them so you don't have to fiddle around. Overall it was a painful experience to review all these so called poker odds calculators. In a couple of case we just had absolutely no idea what we were suppose to do with the app :) Some of these apps totally qualified for worst user experience of a poker app ever. Sad state of the nation. However, a few stood out and deserved to be brought forward. Have a look for yourself and decide which one is the best for you. You're welcome!

Poker Odds is the simplest to use from all our selection. Everything you need is on the screen. You just drag and drop the cards on the players (you can have up to 10 players) and on to the board. A bit like in a solitaire game. The app does the job perfectly and is the fastest. It gets you what you want in the less number of steps compared to all the other apps we tested. Just drag a card and your odds are displayed.

Odds Calculator for Poker is our favourite because of its minimalist design. The interface is very slick with its white background and simple tap actions. You can calculate your odds against a specific hand or a range of hands for each player. You are a few taps away from the results all the way to the river. A must have.

If we thought there were too many poker calculators on the Apple App Store, it was nothing when we looked at Google Play. Pages and pages of free calculators, some of them requiring to give you permissions to your photos, your contact lists for no reasons. We stayed away from these and selected the following 4. Just like with iOS, all these apps do the same thing so it is really a question of design and usability. Here's what we found for you:

Poker Calculator is a no non-sense free calculator that does the job perfectly. The interface is simple and basic but the app is fast and clear. Just tap on a card to set its value and the odds get calculated instantly as you add more cards or players. If you are looking for a simple app to help you train calculating odds, you can't go wrong with this one.

Odds calculator is our favourite because of its minimalist design. The interface is very slick with its white background and simple tap actions. You can calculate your odds against a specific hand or a range of hands for each player. You are a few taps away from the results all the way to the river. A must have and the one we will keep on our phone.

If you seriously want to practice calculating fast and accurately all your important stats, pick the app you preferred from the list above and you will be all set. But remember, whatever the poker hands calculator tells you, you are always at the mercy of a bad beat. What might look like the winning hand still has a ridiculously low probability to happen. Don't hate the game or yourself for bad beats. They will happen. It is part of the game.

Now the final question: do you need any of these apps? Only if you want to practice all the necessary calculations in your head and then check with an app to see if you are doing it right. These apps are not meant to replace you while you play but help you improve your capacity at accurately and quickly calculate all the various odds at stake. This capacity is essential if you want to become a better poker player, just like bankroll management.


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