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Short Track

Bont's Short Track Ice Speed Skating equipment is made from high-end materials and is very lightweight. Perfect for all levels of experience, from beginner to elite. Buy Bont short track speed skating blades, boots, sharpening stones, jigs, protective gloves and other equipment. Bont is the world's largest producer of short track speed skates. Since 1975. Buy the fastest and the best short track skates.

Short Track

Short track is where it all began for Bont. Way back in 1974, Mr. and Mrs. Bont were recreational short track skaters. Back at a time when training was cheating and boots were made of leather with blades that were riveted to the boot. Inze Bont was always a tinkerer. He always felt that there had to be a better way of making a boot than what he was wearing. He started out with his old Planet boots and fiberglassed around the heel of his boot. On his first outing, he knew he was onto a winner. He had so much more power and speed from the extra support his boot was giving him. The problem he was now facing was that his increase in speed was causing his boot to scrub out on the turns. It was at this time that he invented the adjustable short track blade.

Inze then set out to make his own custom boots. He started by wrapping his feet with plastic and laying up fiberglass directly onto his foot which was quite painful. By 1975, he had made mountains of sample short track boots, and he was ready to start selling them. Bont Skates, the company, was born. When a skater won the world championships on Inzes boots by a considerable margin, orders started flooding in. Bont Skates quickly became the #1 short track brand in the world, and it is a position we have held to this day.

Bont short track skates are known for having exceptional value for money. Extremely well-trained boot makers make them. The boots are comfortable and long-lasting. Bont short track skates have set numerous world records and won many world championships.

The Short Track of NFA's Swaps Proficiency Requirements contains four modules, each of which has a training and testing component. Individuals required to pass the Short Track must successfully complete all modules within this track in order to pass NFA's swaps proficiency requirements and earn the certificate. See NFA's FAQs for more information on the Short Track and which individuals are required to satisfy this Track.

31 March 2023 - The website shorttrackonline is changing these days to a new provider and new data center. This can give some starting up problems with certain functions. We are working on this. If you need to enter skaters please send email or whatsapp to the OC. Other problems please report to us by whatsapp. We hope to solve this as quick as possible to the new situation.

7 December 2006 - has added a lot of shorttrack-dedicated hyperlinks on the webpage links. We hope to make a complete set of links of all shorttrack-clubs in the world and to their icerinks. Users of this website are requested to check if the hyperlink of their club and icerink is in the list. If it is not please be so kind to send the hyperlink to If you have other shorttrack-related hyperlinks we are also happy to receive these from you.

1 January 2006 - Welcome at the website which is dedicated to shorttrack-speedskating. This website gives competition-information, results, statistics, background-information etc. and is specially made for skaters, competition-organizers, statisticians, journalists and everybody who is interested in shorttrack-speedskating. The in this website imbedded entry-system allows federations and clubs to enter skaters for competitions and is a helpful tool for competition-organisers. On the webpage SERVICES a number of extra facilities are available for professional use.

Short Track Pack adds ultimate versatility to track building. This pack offers a collection of crosses, short tracks and dog-bone connectors. It's the perfect complement to our Starter Set and Track Extension Pack.

Short track events require high detection rates and being able to publish results quickly. Whereas, professional speed skaters reach high speeds while having to be measured at an accuracy of 1/1000th of a second.

All athletes have a ProChip FLEX attached to their ankle/wrist strap or bike in order to identify each participant and to record the exact time at which they pass the start, finish and intermediate time lines. Each ProChip sends out a unique signal to the ProChip system that is embedded in the track.

Richmond Raceway will be hosting Track Laps for Charity on March 16th from 5 PM to 7 PM, to support Special Olympics Virginia athletes. The event is a unique opportunity for race fans and community members to take a lap around the track and help raise funds for Special Olympics Virginia.

Track Laps for Charity is a two-hour event where participants can drive their car around the -mile track at Richmond Raceway. Registration is available online or in-person on the day of the event, but spots will fill up fast so we recommend registering online. For $20 participants can complete 5 laps around the track!

"We are incredibly grateful to Richmond Raceway for their ongoing support," said David Thomason, President of Special Olympics Virginia. "This event is a wonderful way to raise funds and awareness for our organization, while also having fun and getting active on the track."

It's 6 a.m. and 14-year-old Kyubin Oh is wrapping up her first short track speedskating practice of the day. She unlaces her hot-pink skates. "The training's really hard," she says. "I do have my dream goal, which is obviously the Olympics." Then she giggles and cracks a huge smile.

Maame Biney of Reston, Va., races to finish during the women's 500-meter final A during the U.S. Olympic short track speedskating trials in December. She is the first African-American woman to qualify for a U.S. Olympic speedskating team. Rick Bowmer/AP hide caption

Speed is, of course, a key element of short track racing: Olympic skaters can reach velocities of up to 30 miles per hour. But, Morris says, the most adept athletes combine fast skating with the ability to maneuver past the competition during races and use smooth crossover footwork to propel themselves around the rink's curves.

Having Korean coaches is "the No. 1 factor why [the Washington area] has become such a hotbed" for speedskating, says Nathaniel Mills, a three-time long-track Olympian who founded the DC Inner City Excellence (ICE) urban speedskating program in Washington's Anacostia neighborhood. "The intense practices, the daily drills, the off-ice training: they instilled that in these clubs."

This page draws together short Track speed skating-related information for all of Special Olympics. The coaching materials and other links will help you get a good sense of how this sport contributes to Special Olympics.

From Monday-Wednesday, six different drivers will compete in two timed races in Cup Series cars at an iconic track at 7 p.m. ET on NBCSN. The top two finishers from each night will advance to the championship race at the virtual Martinsville Speedway on Thursday night on NBCSN. 041b061a72


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